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What our training alumni say:

Leigh Billinghurst
6-Week Expansive Transformation Participant

"The Expansive Transformation course provided an opportunity to collaborate with a group of exceptionally talented women. We challenged each other and held one another accountable on this journey together.


I walked away from the sessions with an understanding of my true core values, not ones externally imposed, ones that motivated me and were individual to my wants and desires.


Recognizing my values and taking ownership of my success has given me more confidence when developing and driving key strategic decisions."

Atoosa Mahdavian.jpg
Atoosa Mahdavian
6-Week Expansive Transformation Participant

"If you are someone who is looking to understand what motivates you (no matter where you are at in life), who wants to learn and improve the way you approach people and problems, then look no further than the Expansive Woman Course. 


Judy Sims is a passionate, perceptive and patient coach. She will help push you out of your comfort zone and guide you towards finding your core values. Ultimately that is what we need in order to lead more authentically."

Thi Dao.jpg
Thi Dao 
6-Week Expansive Transformation Participant

"This course was empowering and vulnerable all at the same time - but are two crucial elements for growth, success, and identity.


That is why I joined the Expansive Woman course with Judy, alongside other powerful female leaders who were on the same journey as me.


Judy has a gift that motivates you to open up easily by asking the right questions and engaging in deep active listening; and, her empathy makes you want to lean into this space of safety more and more with each week that goes by. "

Jenny Walker.jpg
Jenny Walker 
6-Week Expansive Transformation Participant

"I took the 6-Week Expansive Transformation course to work through where some my insecurities were coming from, to understand and lean into my strengths, and help identify where I wanted to go next. 


I truly feel I was able to accomplish all of this and have come away from the course with tools that I will use as my life and goals inevitably shift.


Judy is an amazing woman who has “walked the walk” so to speak and I always find both her prepared materials and adhoc, situation specific guidance, to be highly relevant and to help me immensely. "

Amanda Kwok.jpg
Amanda Kwok 
6-Week Expansive Transformation Participant

"I joined Expansive Woman Training to get clear on what showing up fully as a leader looked like for me and learn about frameworks and tools for working through my limiting beliefs and patterns.


From the very first session, Judy created a safe space for us to show up fully, share openly, and celebrate each other.


The videos and lessons between sessions were short and easily consumable, and I still find myself referring back to the 4 states of consciousness and the agency triangle whenever I want to move through a negative thought pattern.


As a coach, Judy is warm, nurturing, and fiercely supportive, and I can’t recommend working with her highly enough."

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