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These free experiences are the perfect way to begin your expansive journey. You'll get a taste of who we are, and learn some critical life skills too.

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Career Assessment Toolkit

Career Assessment Toolkit

Take charge of your career.

If you're feeling unsure about your career choices and/or progression, this course is for you.

The Career Assessment Toolkit and associated videos will guide you through a simple and practical step-by-step methodology for evaluating your career so far. And it will help you determine what you want to do next.

How to Prioritize

How to Prioritize

Get. Stuff. Done.

If you have too many things to do, and not enough time to do them, this course is for you.

Learn a tried and true methodology for prioritizing, even when things get crazy at work. Build the confidence and clarity you need when it comes to managing your time.

Coming November 2022!

Coming November 2022!

The Wheel of Life Toolkit

Achieve work/life balance.

If you have big goals, but are concerned about your ability to "do it all", this course is for you.

Learn an ancient methodology for achieving your goals while balancing your work and personal lives.

Examine the various zones in your life, set your goals, and build a balanced plan that works for you.

Wheel of Life Toolkit
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