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Build Confidence.
Show them what you're made of.
Accelerate your career.

Executive Presence

for Women in Waste (WoW!)


The Executive Presence for Women in Waste is a live, online cohort-based training program designed to help you develop a set of vital life skills that can lead to accelerated career advancement opportunities and increased success.


Learn to command respect, influence others, and effectively advocate for yourself and your clients all with the guidance of pioneering trainer and much sought-after coach, Judy Sims.

Investing in your executive presence is one of the most important steps you can take to accelerate your career as a woman in a male dominated industry.

As a woman in the waste industry, you've faced unique challenges in your career.

You’ve worked hard to establish your credibility and expertise, but you may still find yourself struggling to be heard and seen as a leader.


Climbing the ladder in a male dominated industry can feel like navigating a maze. Women are every bit as committed and ambitious as men. And yet, unconscious bias, lack of representation in senior leadership, and a lack of mentoring and networking opportunities causes them to be overlooked. This leaves many women frustrated and doubting themselves.


This is where all that changes.

We're redefining what's possible for women in waste.

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What you'll gain on this course:

Confidence and Assertiveness in Male Dominated Environments

Overcome imposter syndrome, feelings of insecurity, and/or limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

Strength and Clarity in the Face of Unconscious Bias

Gain a clear understanding of yourself and your strengths. Understand the authority gap and unconscious gender bias around you and become equipped to manage them from a position of positive authentic power.

Mentorship and Networking Opportunities

Build mutually supportive relationships with like-minded women that will stay with you long after the course is finished.

Who knows? You may even find a new best friend.

The Expansive Woman Philosophy

An Expansive Woman is grounded in solid core values and purpose, yet open to new ideas, people, and situations.

She is courageous, curious, and collaborative.

She takes pride and ownership in her work and prioritizes the truth of what is happening around her over hew own personal comfort. She adapts in the face of complexity, uncertainty, and ambiguity.

From here, she's able to reach new heights of growth, contribution, and career success.

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Meet your instructor.

Judy Sims

Judy Sims
Founder of The Expansive Woman Project

Coach. Trainer. Talent Accelerator.

Judy is a pioneering leadership trainer and much sought-after leadership coach.

In past lives, Judy was a corporate vice-president, a start-up CEO and a strategy consultant.

In her current life, she is the author of the book, The Unstuck Leader, and founder of both The Expansive Woman Project and the Center for Expansive Leadership.

Her mission is to change the world, one Expansive Leader at a time.

Judy's Blog

Judy's Book

More about Judy

What our alumni say about Expansive Woman Project Training:

Jamie Hogue

"Judy's thoughtful process coupled with the support of the other incredible women participating in the journey helped me wade through the external noise and unhelpful distractions keeping me from pursuing my true passion. I now have the confidence and mindset neccesary to create my own story and it feels incredible."


Jamie Hogue

COO, Hillcrest Energy Technologies

6-Week ExpansiveTransformation Participant


"The program created a safe and empowering environment for women to openly discuss the challenges they face. Through shared experiences, we learned from one another, promoting understanding and suupport. I explored the depths of my strengths, areas of growth, and values, paving the way for personal and professional alignment."


Shivani Garg

People & Culture Manager, Peak Power

Expansive Leadership Participant

Allie Turow.jpg

"Wow! What a breath of fresh air it was collaborating with Judy and the other exceptional women each week. Judy created a safe space for us all to come, learn about ourselves, and collaborate on mutual and differing life experiences. I left the course feeling more comfortable in being my authentic self, while also being more thoughtful about giving others the space to do the same. "

Allie Turow

Paid Search Account Manager, Page Zero

6-Week ExpansiveTransformation Participant

What makes this training different.

It's highly interactive.
Throughout the program, participants will interact directly with course instructor, Judy Sims, as well as the other women in the cohort. They will share their thoughts and feelings, ask questions, and offer their experience as support to others.

It's designed to last.
Participants will learn a set of skills that will support them and their dreams for the rest of their lives. Never again will they hesitate to go for that promotion or to launch that ambitious project.

It's based in the real world.
As an executive coach, Judy Sims works 1:1 with leaders everyday, giving her intimate, first-hand knowledge of the challenges they face. Because of this, Judy is able to go beyond theory in her training by providing anonymized real-world examples to illustrate the training concepts. This creates a richer participant experience that deepens understanding and drives the training home.

Stop settling for less. Invest in yourself and take your career to the next level.

You're in the right place if you're...


with the trajectory of your career and your life and you suspect you might be getting in your own way.


to stand up, take charge and to make your mark on the world with confidence, joy and kindness.


to commit the time, do the work and let go of patterns of belief and behavior that have been holding you back (even when it can feel deeply uncomfortable).

How we'll learn together:

Videos, exercises and in-class discussions

Each week, you'll unlock new content as you explore what's been holding you back and discover your expansive self. In class, we'll deepen your understanding as you and your cohort members ask questions and receive coaching from your instructor.

Peer-to-peer support and collaboration

This is where the magic really happens. Each session, participants are assigned a new accountability group who they will support and be supported by for the next week. In session, participants learn to support and coach each other. This builds the foundation for lasting relationships with fellow expansive women.

Bi-weekly rhythm of learning and reflection

Live sessions every other Tuesday from noon to 1:30 PM ET

In between sessions, you can watch associated videos and complete recommended workbooks.

In the weeks of modules 3 and 5, you will have optional access to a live office hours session with Judy Sims where you can ask questions and receive personalized coaching.

5 week course

2 hours per week time commitment

12 months access to content

Weekly live workshops

2 live coaching office hours sessions

Course outline:

Module 1

Why you're here

Learn about career plateaus, perfectionism, should values, and imposter syndrome and how they are exacerbated by the contractive state and alleviated by the expansive state.

Module  3

Discovering your expansive self

This is a very big week! You'll explore the states of being and qualities of life and character that are most important to you. From here, you'll identify the unique set of 3 to 5 values that are core to who you are. This is the grounding that allows you to enter an expansive state. 

Module 5

Keeping what you've gained

Just as you might have a professional practice or a yoga practice, or a spiritual practice, expansiveness is a practice. Create your plan to ensure you experience expansiveness as often as possible.

Module 2

What's holding you back?

Discover the limiting patterns of belief and behavior that have been holding you back. Begin to understand how these patterns create internal conflicts  that keep you in a contractive state.

Module 4

Shifting into agency

Explore strategies and frameworks that will help you remain your full, expansive self no matter what the situation or circumstance. Learn to set boundaries, let go of what's not working, and to live joyfully in a world of complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity.

Bonus Material

Opening to possibility

Discover your purpose, mission and vision for your life. Take what you've learned so far, overcome your internal resistance and create your BIG PLAN.

Sound good?


Executive Presence for
Women in Waste

$225 CDN

  • Unlock access to the engaging videos, reading and workbooks of this career-changing program

  • Gain access to live office hours where you will have the opportunity to receive live coaching with Judy Sims

  • Connect with like-minded women and become a part of the expansive woman community

  • Keep access to all content for 1 full year

  • Build the confidence and clarity you need to succeed on your terms

It's all yours for the taking!

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Let's do this.

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