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Accelerate Your Female
Legal Talent

Leadership Training

for Women Law Professionals


A live, online cohort-based training program designed to create leaders who are connected, supportive, highly effective, and committed for the long-term.

Elevate your firm's performance, foster diversity, and nurture leadership excellence through this transformative program.

Equip your female lawyers with the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to excel in the legal industry.

Leadership for Women Law Professionals

This program is accredited by:

Law Society of Ontario Accredited Logo

12 hours 

Professionalism Training

Law Society of BC Accredited Logo

12 hours

Professionalism Training

Investing in your female legal talent will shape a more inclusive, innovative and successful legal practice.

Women in the legal industry face unique challenges in their careers.


We all know the stats. Women lawyers are far more likely than their male colleagues to have missed out on a desirable assignment, been denied a salary increase or bonus, been overlooked for advancement, been perceived as less committed to their careers, or been mistaken for a lower-level employee.


This is where all that changes.

Walking Woman Lawyer

What to expect from this course:

This 12-week program combines formal leadership instruction with peer-to-peer support and a personalized interactive learning journey that includes expert coaching.


Topics include:

  • Developing self-awareness

  • Understanding others

  • Mentoring and giving effective feedback

  • Co-creating win-win solutions with colleagues and clients

  • Overcoming imposter syndrome and self-doubt

  • Building a consistent leadership practice

Meet the instructor.

Judy Sims

Judy Sims
Founder of The Expansive Woman Project and the Center for Expansive Leadership

Coach. Trainer. Talent Accelerator.

Judy is a pioneering leadership trainer and much sought-after leadership coach.

In past lives, Judy was a corporate vice-president, a start-up CEO and a strategy consultant.

In her current life, she is the author of the book, The Unstuck Leader, and founder of both The Expansive Woman Project and the Center for Expansive Leadership.

Her mission is to change the world, one Expansive Leader at a time.

Judy's Blog

Judy's Book

More about Judy

Through this program, your firm will gain:

Cultivated Leaders

Create a pipeline of leaders with the skills, strategies, and tools required to build a successful legal practice.

Attraction & Retention

Attract and retain top legal talent by demonstrating your commitment to their success.

Boosted Firm Performance

Empower your female lawyers to excel and contribute to your firm's success.

Ready to get started?

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