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Don't let difficult clients stress  you out any longer.

Managing Difficult Clients

for Law Professionals


The Managing Difficult Clients course will help you develop strategies and techniques that will allow you to manage even the most difficult clients with confidence and ease.


Learn to understand challenging clients, maintain positive relationships with them, and build your reputation for excellence, all with the guidance of pioneering trainer and much sought-after coach, Judy Sims.


Until now, this program has been available exclusively to Judy’s private coaching clients. But now, you can unlock its benefits in this self-paced, online course.


On your schedule. At your pace.

Managing Difficult Clients

This program is accredited by:

Law Society of Ontario Accredited Logo

1 hour and 30 minutes

Professionalism Training

Law Society of BC Accredited

5 hours

Professionalism Training

Learning to manage difficult clients is one of the most important steps you can take to accelerate your legal career.

Dealing with difficult clients can be one of the most challenging aspects of your job.

Whether it’s a client who is uncooperative, demanding, or simply hard to please, these situations can quickly become stressful and overwhelming.


But that doesn’t change your obligation to serve these clients by maintaining communication, acting in your client’s best interest, and providing excellent representation. Failure to do so can affect client satisfaction, your reputation, and your long-term career goals.


This is why learning to manage these clients with patience, compassion, and skilled communication is critical to a successful law career.

This is where you will learn how to do that with confidence and grace.

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What you'll gain on this course:

Through four engaging modules, you will learn to improve relationships with clients resulting in better outcomes as well as increased practice size and long-term revenue potential.

Increased client satisfaction

Prevent client frustration and escalation.
Increased client satisfaction. 
Positive feedback, repeat business, and referrals will follow.

An excellent reputation

Be known for your ability to manage difficult clients. Attract new clients, grow your practice, accelerate your career.


Stress reduction

Feel confident managing difficult clients and experience reduced stress and anxiety. Enjoy better better mental health, clearer thinking and a thriving practice.

Meet your instructor.

Judy Sims

Judy Sims
Founder of The Expansive Woman Project and the Center for Expansive Leadership

Coach. Trainer. Talent Accelerator.

Judy is a pioneering leadership trainer and much sought-after leadership coach.

In past lives, Judy was a corporate vice-president, a start-up CEO and a strategy consultant.

In her current life, she is the author of the book, The Unstuck Leader, and founder of both The Expansive Woman Project and the Center for Expansive Leadership.

Her mission is to change the world, one Expansive Leader at a time.

Judy's Blog

Judy's Book

More about Judy

Juvarya Veltkamp
Senior Advisor, C40 Cities

There are coaches, and there is Judy Sims.

Judy has played a transformative role in my life as a coach, confidant, and guide.

She approached our coaching relationship with lively energy and grace, and she has an amazing ability to dive into any challenge you bring her and immediately understand all the dynamics at play.

I am eternally grateful for the thoughtful sessions with Judy.

Juvarya Veltkamp

What clients say about Judy:

Course outline:

Modules are released all at once, and you have a full year of access in which to complete the course. Quickly, slowly, or in-between, you get to decide your own pace.

Modules 1

Understanding human motivation

Frameworks for understanding difficult clients and what is motivating their behaviour. Learning to spot what your client needs so you can prevent conflict from happening in the first place.

Module 3

Managing difficult conversations

Master effective communication techniques and conflict resolution strategies to help you defuse difficult situations.

Module 2

Understanding unhealthy conflict

Learn about the contractive state and how the roles both you and your client adopt when in it - reactor, judge, hero - lead to conflict. 

Module 4

Co-creating solutions with clients

Learn to create win-win solutions by helping your client shift out of drama and into agency.

Sound good?

You'll leave the course with:

An new ability to understand and serve your clients.

Increased confidence when dealing with conflict in all areas of your life.

The ability to co-create win-win solutions with even the most difficult clients.

Are you ready?

MDC Pricig


Managing Difficult Clients
for Law Professionals

$295 CAD

  • Unlock access to the engaging videos, reading and workbooks of this career-changing program

  • Connect with like-minded women and become a part of the expansive woman community

  • Keep access to all content for 1 full year

  • Build the confidence and clarity you need to succeed on your terms

It's all yours for the taking!

Join now and take the first step toward unlocking your full potential.
Let's do this.

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