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  • Judy Sims

The 5 Feminine Energies

This is a blog post about power. Your power.

All too often, we’re told that feminine energy is soft, unfocused, and weak. I’m here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. Feminine energy is formidable. And, it’s one of the most powerful forces in the universe – if used correctly.

In working with and coaching hundreds of women over the course of my 25-year career, I’ve come to recognize 5 distinctly powerful feminine energies. We each experience all of them to some degree throughout our lives, but most of us tent to lean into one or two of them more than the others.

Four of the energies help to build our authentic power. This is the kind of power that arises internally as the result of being grounded in solid core values and purpose, yet open to new ideas, people and situations. One of them robs us of authentic power, by focusing us on inauthentic power; the kind that is bestowed upon us externally in the form of rank, position, titles, money and a general feeling of (false) superiority.

Curious about your own energy? You should be. This is great stuff.

Let’s get started.

A Quick Note: You will notice in the descriptions below that I cat

egorize and describe the energies in their relation to “light”. By light, I simply mean all the best things in life – love, truth, joy, creativity, kindness, service, pleasure, etc.

Earth Mother Energy: The desire to grow light

Earth mothers exhibit wisdom, wit, intelligence, kindness, and extraordinary compassion. They are confident in their place in the world and like to help others succeed too. They believe in nurture over nature, and they know that anyone can reach their full potential, if only given the time and opportunity. They are about seeing the truth of the humans around them and validating it.

That said, they quickly see bullshit for what it is. Earth mothers are strong and cannot be taken advantage of. When they serve, it is through clear-eyed choice and understanding.

(It should be said that not all moms are earth mothers and not all earth mothers are moms. This energy isn’t necessarily about raising children (though it can be) it’s about contributing to the development of those around us, no matter who they are.)

Sister Woman Energy: The desire to shine a light on people and possibilities

Sister women exhibit a sense of fun, joy, positivity and camaraderie. They share the spotlight and are inclined to help those around them. They are quick to assess a situation and will step in where they perceive a gap. They are natural mobilizers, problem solvers and are excited about possibility.

In short, they will show up, step up, and bring people together to make shit happen. They are a force to be reckoned with, and have a fun, warm and welcoming way to do that reckoning.

Warrior Woman Energy: The desire to shine a light on injustice

Warrior woman are fierce. They are about truth, integrity, allyship, service, and equality. And if you’re not on board with that, they have no time for your excuses. They’re willing to sacrifice time, money and personal wellbeing to make the world right and it is best if you do not get in their way.

They do not accept that status quo.

They get stuff done. They right the wrongs. They are formidable.

Sensual Woman Energy: The desire to touch/feel the light

Artists, dancers, actresses, chefs, writers, filmmakers even gardeners are all sensual women. They’re about truth, love, presence, mindfulness, exploration and pleasure. They’re willing to be fully vulnerable, and this openness can help others to heal.

They are creators. They are deep feelers. They are in touch with their inner essence, and express it with joy and love. And that's a powerful thing.

Invisible Woman Energy: Feeling unworthy of light

Invisible women shrink away from the light. They can do this in two ways, they can become wallflowers, hiding in the background, never asserting themselves and never showing the world what they’re capable of, or they can take a far more destructive approach.

Some of the loudest, most aggressive, most demanding people you know are actually invisible. Secretly, they believe they aren’t worthy of light. And this makes them extremely dangerous. Their unworthiness creates a disconnect. They are desperate for validation, for evidence that they are in fact worthy. And this quest causes them to betray their core values, which means they betray the core of who they really are. They enter what I call a contractive state. They become reactive, defensive, and judgmental of others, and themselves.

Through this fog of need and greed and pain and bravado, we can’t see them. We can't see their core values. We can’t see their souls. We can’t see any of the stuff that matters. And I think the worst part of it is that they’re invisible to themselves as well.

Invisible women (and men) are everywhere. It’s a terrible way to live. And I believe it is at the root of all the world’s problems.

I’ll write more on this topic in a future post.

Which energy do you exhibit?

All of them. At different times and in different ways, we're all nurturing, we all show up to help others shine, we all fight for what we believe in, we're all creators and unfortunately, sometimes we're invisible.

Which energy best describes where you are in your life right now? Check out the values associated with each of the energies. Do some of them align with you more than others? Ask people close to you. They see and are affected by the energy you put out into the world on a daily basis. Think about the career you have chosen, the roles you've adopted, and the purpose you bring to your life.

Then lean into it. What more can you do to utilize this energy?

And more importantly, what will you do with your power?


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