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Leadership courses designed for women in the tech industry.

Expansive Woman Project Women

Accelerate Your Female Talent

Our courses are designed for the unique challenges women face in the tech industry. 

Climbing the ladder in the tech world can feel like navigating a maze. Women are every bit as committed and ambitious as men. And yet, unconscious bias, lack of representation in senior leadership, and a lack of mentoring and networking opportunities causes them to be overlooked. This leaves many women frustrated and doubting themselves.


This is where all that changes.

We're redefining what's possible for women in tech.

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Available Courses:

Executive Presence for Women in Tech

EP for Tech - 4 Kajabi (1280 x 720 px).png

This comprehensive course is designed specifically for women in the tech industry who want to take their careers to the next level by developing a powerful and authentic executive presence.​

Expansive Leadership for Women in Tech

Leadership for Tech - 4 Kajabi (1280 x 720 px).png

This 6 to12-week program combines formal leadership instruction with peer-to-peer support and a personalized interactive learning journey that includes expert coaching.

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